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Kim, Raphael T. Haftka, Nicolas Binaud, Christian Bes. Noise-dependent ranking of prognostics algorithms based on discrepancy without true damage information. Pylon and engine mounts performance driven structural topology optimization. Chaudhuri, Christian Bes. Accelerating sampling based methods for reliability analysis through on the fly reduced order modeling. Adaptive random field discretization for optimization under uncertainties. Propagation of modeling uncertainty by polynomial chaos expansion in multidisciplinary analysis. Determination of Paris' law constants and crack length evolution via Extended and Unscented Kalman filter: An application to aircraft fuselage panels.

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On the fly construction of reduced order models for topology optimization. Comparing structural airframe maintenance strategies based on probabilistic estimates of the remaining useful service life. Improving the efficiency of large scale topology optimization through on-the-fly reduced order model construction.

History of Protestantism

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Efficient surrogate construction by combining response surface methodology and reduced order modeling. Reduced basis surrogate modelling approach applied to the identification of mechanical properties.

'Don't worry we are dealing with the Christians': Algeria's crackdown on churches

The key points approach: combining response surface methodology and reduced order modeling to achieve drastic reduction in surrogates construction cost. Structural airframe maintenance strategy comparison: a new approach. Journal of Aircraft, 50 2 , p. Uncertainty quantification in aircraft load calibration. Experimental Mechanics, Society for Experimental Mechanics, 53 4 , p. Skipping unnecessary structural airframe maintenance using an on-board structural health monitoring system. Cot, Christian Gogu, Christian Bes.

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Effect of condition-based maintenance strategy aligned with scheduled maintenance. Optimization based algorithms for uncertainty propagation through functions with multidimensional output within evidence theory. Belief and plausibility approximation methods for multidimensional functions. Multidisciplinary optimization under uncertainty for preliminary aircraft sizing. This field coherently oscillates over domains that are on the order of parsecs in size, or about light years.

What determines the oscillation period is the mass of the particles. If the model considered by the authors is correct, this period should be about one year.

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When polarized radiation passes through such a field, the plane of radiation polarization oscillates with the same period. If periodic changes like this do in fact occur, astronomical observations can reveal them. And the length of the period — one terrestrial year — is very convenient, because many astronomical objects are observed over several years, which is enough for the changes in polarization to manifest themselves.

The authors of the paper decided to use the data from Earth-based radio telescopes, because they return to the same astronomical objects many times during a cycle of observations.

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Such telescopes can observe remote active galactic nuclei — regions of superheated plasma close to the centers of galaxies. These regions emit highly polarized radiation. By observing them, one can track the change in polarization angle over several years. But the problem was that the sine period has to be determined by the dark matter particle mass, which means it must be the same for every object.

There were 30 objects in our sample. In the future, the team plans to search for manifestations of hypothesized heavier dark matter particles proposed by other theoretical models.

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This will require working in different spectral ranges and using other observation techniques. According to Troitsky, the constraints on alternative models are more stringent. This is one of the great mysteries of particle physics.

How China uses intimidation, negotiation to bring Christians under its control

As of today, no model is accepted as favored, better-developed, or more plausible with regard to the available experimental data. We have to test them all. Apparently, in some scenarios it could have a slight effect on light waves passing through. But other scenarios predict no interactions at all between our world and dark matter, other than those mediated by gravity. Ivanov, Y. Kovalev, M. Lister, A. Panin, A. Pushkarev, T. Savolainen, and S.

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Troitsky, published Feb. In my opinion, can nor we consider dark matter as the tension force of the expanding space-time fabric of the cosmos? What is referred to geometrically as curved spacetime physically exists in nature as the state of displacement of the supersolid dark matter. Honey has mass and so does the supersolid dark matter.

The swirl is the state of displacement of the dark matter connected to and neighboring the Earth. The state of displacement of the supersolid dark matter is gravity. The supersolid dark matter displaced by a galaxy pushes back, causing the stars in the outer arms of the galaxy to orbit the galactic center at the rate in which they do.

1. Introduction

In the Bullet Cluster collision the dark matter has not separated from the ordinary matter. The collision is analogous to two boats that collide, the boats slow down and their bow waves continue to propagate. The water has not separated from the boats, the bow waves have.